Booking System Flow Diagram

The perfect system it doesn't exist. If you're strugling to make your booking or you found any error, please contact us to solve it.

Our booking system rely on 2 key data often shared by parent/guardian & child/children: the mobile phone number and email address. Keeping that in mind, sometimes can be complex to allow/disallow bookings; cause some parents pay ahead with voucher/s for one child and not for the other, others prefer to go month by month, some make automatic bank transfers and don't notify us, some parents have more than one child on the classes and one of them will eventually not assist so we have to guess how the system accepts bookings based on overdue fees and of course, casual or new members.

The booking system basically check the phone number introduced on the quick booking form and retrieves the information from the database, checking if the member/s are allowed/disallowed to booking and offer a range of posibilities as showed below.

Every 1st of the month, the booking automatically disable all the students and recheck the payments database to allow those that already paid re-enabling to book, and the rest are notified via SMS/email once the payment is overdue (after 5th).

Once you enter the "matrix" -LOL- the best way to avoid unpleasant situations is notify your payment/s.

All the members have access to the Dashboard area where they can check their payments, bookings, accounting, download area and a couple of statistics.