Grupo Capoeiras

We offer capoeira classes on demmand on the Central Coast (Australia) for all ages. Our students range from 5yo to 45yo. The combination of dance, acrobatics, music and martial arts, makes capoeira a wonderful experience for everyone; young and old, men and women, beginners and advanced, everybody is welcome. Our philosophy include having a healthy lifestyle, getting active and creating healthier habits. We run activities and workshops for the community.

You will find all the information about our activities on this website and donĀ“t forget to check the New Student Booklet. If you have any doubt please do not hesitate in get in touch with us!

Capoeira in Central Coast NSW

1h classes for $25/person and workshops $250/hour


Grupo Capoeiras History

GRUPO CAPOEIRAS Incorporated aims to provide an opportunity for the people of all age to participate in Capoeira Activities (Afro-Brazilian cultural practice).



You will find most of the information on this page and the New Student Booklet.


Capoeira Benefits

With the practice of Capoeira and specifically with your athletic training, our goal is to achieve improvement and improvement of motor skills.


Capoeira Calendar

Check the days from the Calendar marked as Holidays, lockdow periods or online trainings.


Active/Creative Kids Registered Provider

Grupo Capoeiras Inc is a Creative Kids and Active Kids Provider for the NSW Goverment.


Capoeira Book

Formado Comprido (Grupo Capoeiras, 2018), wrote in 2004 the book "Ao som do berimbau: Capoeira" in spanish.


Fees Section

Our aim is contribute, not make money.


Grupo Capoeiras Uniform

The uniform keep our look special: having a uniform sets the intention to learn and develop in capoeira.


Capoeira Loop Instrument Player to practise with instruments and singing.