Capoeira Benefits

Many think that it is impossible to change the body, others believe that it is possible only in the long period run and with great sacrifices ... this is not true! First we must understand that in addition to a good aerobic training and strengthening, the real "gym" starts at the table. It is very important then to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

We must be very careful not to confuse this word with "diet", the diet for the body is always something negative, which is interpreted by our body as a symptom of lack of food or hunger.

When the body understands that it is on a diet, it first reduces the metabolism and then tries to get rid of all the structures that in the famine they can not afford to maintain; In other words, it breaks down the muscles because they are an expensive structure to maintain.

So, dieting is the fastest way to lose your muscles.

The maximum success of a physical program for an athlete occurs when he trains well and consistently, accompanying him with small measures in daily life, even outside the gym, such as: not smoking, avoiding alcohol consumption, eating healthy foods (genuine or controlled), sleep at least eight hours per night, etc.

With the practice of Capoeira and specifically with your athletic training, our goal is to achieve improvement and improvement of motor skills.

Cardio endurance

The ability of the body's systems to group, process and administer oxygen

Muscle resistance

The ability of the body's systems to process, supply, store and use energy


The ability of a muscle unit or a combination of muscle units to apply force


The ability to maximize the arc of movement of a joint.


The ability of a muscle unit, or a combination of muscle units, to apply maximum force for a minimum amount of time.


The ability to reduce the repetition time of a repeated movement.


The ability to combine a series of different movements in one movement.


The ability to decrease the transition time from one series of movements to another.


The ability to control the position of the center of gravity of a body in relation to its base of support.


The ability to control movement in a specific direction or intensity.


The quality of being light-hearted or full of fun. Be a warrior while living a second chilhood.


The capoeira practise is full of joyful and soulfulness. You will for sure improve your body condition, heal your spirit and strength your mind!