Active/Creative Kids Registered Provider

The NSW Government is helping kids get active, the programs runs year-round! The voucher may be used with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities. The voucher can be used at any time during the calendar year it was issued.

Grupo Capoeiras Inc is a Creative Kids Registered Provider

Creative Kids Provider

Creative Kids $100 voucher

Grupo Capoeiras is a Creative Kids Provider for the NSW Goverment.

Grupo Capoeiras Inc is an Active Kids Registered Provider

Active Kids Provider

Active Kids $100 voucher

Grupo Capoeiras is an Active Kids Provider for the NSW Goverment.

As 2024 comes to an end, young people in New South Wales have the chance to utilise any remaining vouchers before they expire on 31 December 2024. To encourage redemption of 2024 vouchers, this is the perfect time to market our organisation as an approved Creative and Active Kids Provider and encourage participants and parents/guardians not to let any Creative/Active Kids vouchers remain unutilised in 2024.

Did you know that if your sport, physical activity or active recreation programs are scheduled to run into 2021, or even start early in the new year that participants are able to use their 2020 vouchers? Make sure that you register as participant and request your voucher via your Service NSW to give to us before 31 December 2024.